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Wooden Floors

WOOD, BEAUTIFUL WOOD Why live with an imitation wood floor when you can have the real thing?

The oldest contracting firm in Pietermaritzburg, A. G. Hall, have introduced a new innovation in wood flooring. An alternative to the imitation "laminated floor" has been found. This new "floating floor" concept has been created in selected, tongued and grooved, end matched pine. These floors are available in thicknesses between 15mm and 22mm.

A 250 micron plastic underlay is layed to cover the entire concrete screed. The boards are laid on this plastic allowing a 15mm gap at all walls. The boards are glued together at their tongued and grooved joints and not fixed to the screed at all. The finished floor is, therefore "free floating" and unaffected by movement of the building.

Natural wood has added advantages of low maintenance.

These floors can also be glued down to the screed using polyurethane adhesives.

Whilst a real wood floor may, initially, be slightly more expensive than carpeting or the imitation laminated floors, the long term benefits of buffing and resealing, as opposed to replacement, give real wood the edge.

Natural wood has the added advantages of low maintenance and cleanliness and does not bind your colour scheme in the rest of the room.

We also supply, lay and repair parquet floors and conventional wood strip flooring.

The accompanying photographs show A.G.Hall's experienced staff laying and buffing the new floor and the finished article.

We also undertake the repair of conventional wood strip and block floors