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Dust Free Floor Sanding

Why hide beautiful, natural and healthy wood floors under carpets?

floor sanding3Wood floors can be sanded and sealed with a floor lacquer or polyurethane which protects the wood and gives it the lustre of a nicely polished floor, without the hard work of polishing. The choice of finish is dictated by appearance, the proposed use of the floor and budget.

“Sealed” floors maintain their natural colour without darkening as floors do when polished.

We will machine sand your floors to a bare surface. It is important not to remove too much of the wood as this is detrimental to your floor. The sanding is therefore, considered a skilled operation. Thereafter, we will apply three coats of floor finish of your choice. The application is done using a roller which ensures a coating of thicker proportions than that of a normal painters coat, enhancing the longeveity of the finish. The entire floor is buffed and/or hand sanded with a fine sand paper and gauze buffing screen, between the first and second coats. Our choice of A50 is an acid catalysed lacquer. This is the traditional domestic “Gleem” type of finish which has been in regular use for over 60 years. A50 cannot be “touched up” or overcoated successfuly.

If you need something harder, Pu2000 polyurethane especially for floors is available.

floor 3The locally produced, solvent based polyurethane is a much thinner product than the lacquer. This system requires a first coat of floor lacquer followed by two coats of polyurethane in lieu of the three coats of lacquer. It is extremely hard wearing and has a very high shine. It is recommended for use in Restaurants and Halls. The sanding and application are the same as for floor lacquer. Many Restaurants as well as a number of Halls, Dining Halls and functional rooms at schools, the University and Pietermaritzburg City Hall have floors treated in this manner. Unfortunately, being humiture dried, this finish can tend to little drying bubbles which do “walk off” the surface after a few months. Like the floor lacquer, Pu2000 cannot be successfully touched up once hard.

The most recent product range, on offer from our firm, is the Danish Gori range.

This is water based polyurethane (not to be confused with available Acrylics) and is therefore considered more eco friendly. The system of sanding and application remain the same and only the appearance and durability vary. This comes in gloss (not as artificially shiny as Pu2000) or silk matt (very popular) options and offers strength, durability, beauty and overcoatability. Gori is “water clear” and leaves the colour of the finished wood closest to natural.

There is a special process for Squash Courts.

Wemachine sand the entire wood floor area to a 40 grit finish. The usual care is taken to remove the barest minimum of timber so as not to unnecessarily shorten the life of the floor. On completion, we apply one (1) coat of sanding sealer thinned as for squash court floors. This system was developed a number of years ago in consultation with Butch Liebenberg, himself a Springbok Squash Player at the time, of W.F. Johnstone (timber merchants) and ourselves.

The process is simple. Phone A.G.Hall and book your job in. One of the Hall Family will assist you in deciding how long the job will take and when best to book your appointment. We work on a simple square meter rate which you will find pleasingly inexpensive. There is a minimum of dust and all we need is for you to clear the furniture from your rooms and to provide the use of your electricity. We will take care of the rest.

A useful tip which minimises scratching of your newly “sealed” floors is to cut small discs of felt or thin carpet, and glue them to the underside of table and chair legs.